Artisan Furniture | Vintage Glass Candle Stand

This candle stand is the perfect little accessory for any home. It is an elegant item which will style and sophistication to a dining table, coffee or console table in your home while complementing the surroundings. It can also be used for events and occasions such as weddings, dinner parties and family gatherings.

Artisan Furniture | Petite Vintage Styled Jar

This beautiful little silver glass jar has a decorative metal lid with a vintage battered pattern. Its shape reflects the light from different angles and will make a great addition to your antique silver glass collection in any part of the house. It can be used to store little bits and pieces like jewelry, sweets or coins and will also make a lovely gift for friends and family.

Artisan Furniture | Vintage Glass Cake Stand

This cake stand has been made from vintage glass and has an antique mercury finish. It features a strong pedestal, large base, clear design and scalloped edges. It is the perfect way of displaying a selection of cakes in a simple yet glamorous way.

Artisan Furniture | Cake Stand With Marble Top

This cake stand has a beautiful marble top on a 100% solid mango wood base which has a oak-ish finish. It features a strong pedestal, large base and smooth design. It is the perfect way of displaying a selection of cakes in a simple yet glamorous way and can be used for events and occasions such as weddings, dinner parties and family gatherings.

Premier | Zareen Hurricane

Its bulbous shade is made from clear glass with brass trim, and is held aloft by a highly decorative stand. Made from brass, the stand comprises three pawed legs integrated with love heart motifs, while carved acanthus and wave detailing embellishes its upper section. The lamp is supported by a tri-corner plinth made from natural wood. Insert a large pillar candle to create some ambient light.

Premier | Zareen Glass Jar

The jar's conical lid is reminiscent of a tagine, and gives this vintage style accent piece a finial-esque flourish. Its brass material has a rich and reflective gold colour that complements the clear glass. The jar has fluted sides that make it semi-transparent while accentuating its wide curving plane. Style it with gold or copper coloured lighting and textiles.

Premier | Zareen Glass Bowl

Its round plinth is made from natural marble and is coloured black to complement the metallic brass. Acanthus leaf detailing decorates the curving brass base, while a symmetrical concave supports the wide glass bowl. A thick brass band covers the bowl's rim. Style it with gold and copper accessories in a boutique hotel-style interior.

Premier | Veno Small Vase

A striking feature in any decor, the small vase with its unique design will accentuate the flowers you choose to display. The stunning vase is made from durable polyresin, which is then sculpted to create the eye-catching shell like design and ensures long lasting use. An antique silver finish draws attention to the imposing design that will complement a contemporary setting. Whether it's for your mantle, shelf, table or window sill, the impressive small vase will make a decorative focal point in your living space.

Premier | Umbrella Stand

The pointed finials that crown each of its four legs denote this umbrella stand's traditional design influences.

Its segmented top section keeps umbrellas separated, with a deep platform at the base that prevents water drips from reaching the floor.

It stands on four rounded feet, and has a rectangular design that allows it to be positioned flush against a wall.


Premier | Stone Effect Urn

Made of fiberglass, this highly textured decorative urn has the impression of being an antique, with its weathered brown colour and speckled texture. Imitating the style of Victorian urns, it features decorative curving handles with a floral effect, which connect to a similarly curled lip with a petal design embossed into it. This Complements urn will make an ideal decorative piece in stately décor.

Premier | Stag Head Sculpture, Nickel Finish / Black Base, Polyresin

A wonderful accessory in your bedroom, dining room or living space, the deer head sculpture will provide your home with a fantastic focal point.

The elegantly shaped deer's head is made from metal, and with a rich, metallic nickel finish, the contours are accentuated for a more glamorous style.

Contrasting the head, a brown wooden plinth ensures stability, while giving it a traditional feel.


Premier | Stag Head Sculpture, Nickel Finish / Black Base, Polyresin

A decorative feature in your home, the stag head sculpture, with black base, will make a wonderful focal point in your bedroom, dining room or living space.

The elegant contours effortlessly shape the stags head which are accentuated by its glamorous nickel finish.

The dramatic design of the antlers add to its overall striking look, creating an eye-catching feature in your room.


Premier | Stag Head Candelabra, 2 Arms, Nickel Finish

An enchanting feature that will help to radiate light and style, the deer head candelabra, with 2 arms, provides an elegant accessory in your room.

Made from robust metal, the beautifully carved design is accentuated by the nickel finish, adding to its glamorous look.

The central stem features the deer head design at the top, while the two arms have candle holders at their end for a whimsical look to complement most decors.


Premier | Stag Head Bookends

Helping to keep your books organised and tidy on display are these beautifully styled set of two deer head bookends.

Made using robust metal, with a rich, metallic nickel finish, the deer heads gently contour to create their striking look.

Contrasting the deer head, a traditional brown wooden stand helps to keep your books in place.


Premier | South Beach Rug, Navy Blue and White

The traditional hand woven South Beach rug will provide a stylish feature in your room with its chic and contemporary design.

Combining cotton and wool, the rug is carefully crafted to ensure durability, while the trendy style will complement a modern scheme.

Ideal for use in a bedroom or living space, the white line design is accentuated on the navy blue for a stylish look.